Best Safari Zones in Corbett Tiger Reserve India

Corbett National Park is among the few national parks of India that permits night stay inside the core zone of the park. Tourists can ask for the night accommodation permit between mid November to end of the June every year. You could imagine the place where you can see the world majestic big cat called Royal Bengal Tiger roaming around your forest lodges. The night stay inside the core area of the jungle gives you an opportunity to view variety of wild animals by your naked eyes

Forest Guest Houses:

For better tourism management and to make equal distribution of the flow of visitors the Corbett National Park has been divided in to five tourism zone and each zone offers night stay inside the forest rest houses that is erected by the forest officials. Tourists are allowed to make reservation minimum for 01 Night and maximum for 03 nights only. Government recognized forest houses are Bijrani Forest Rest House, Malani (inside Bijrani Tourism Zone), Sultan, Gairal, Sarapduli, khinnanauli and Dhikla forest house (inside Dhikala Zone) and Jhirna inside the Jhirna tourism zone.

Food and Canteen

Tourists to the Corbett National Park might be worried what to eat while staying inside the forest lodges. But we need not to take concern of these facilities as forest department has set up food canteens inside the Bijrani, Gairal and Dhikala Forest lodges. Guest coming to the park is served with basic Indian cuisines. Please note that consumption of non-vegetarian food and alcohol is strictly prohibited inside the rest houses.

Some More Facilities & Services

In order maximize the wildlife sightings and complete tour around National Park, Corbett provides trained nature guides that accompany you while roaming inside the jungle. These naturalist or guide is registered with the forest officials and help tourists in spotting the tigers and not to lose your way inside the forest.

Corbett is paradise for such tourists who love elephant ride amidst jungle. An elephant rides accompanied by trained Mahout is offered at Bijrani, Dhikala, Khinnanauli, Gairal and Jhirna. You have to obtain permit for elephant ride that is conducted in two shifts - morning and evening in each of the respective zones.

Interpretive Facilities and Services Services

Elephant rides offer a unique experience For the purpose of directing visitors and showing them around Corbett, trained Nature Guides are available at their service. These registered guides help tourists spot wildlife and make sure that they do not lose their way inside the forest. Taking a Nature Guide with each vehicle is compulsory. The authorities at Corbett Tiger Reserve have maintained a Visitor Centre and Museum at Dhangarhi Gate. This complex is equipped with displays, exhibits and models for the benefit of visitors to orient them and enable them to understand the history and biodiversity of Corbett. This facility is accessible to everyone, even if they don't go inside the park, and remains open throughout the year. Elephant rides are offered at Dhikala, Khinanauli, Bijrani, Gairal and Jhirna during mornings and evening so that tourists can get a closer view of the jungle, its wildlife, and landscape. Elephant rides offer a unique experience There are watchtowers at Dhikala, Phulai and Jhirna, and several machans near Dhikala, Bijrani and Kothirau to facilitate the viewing of wildlife. During evenings the lodgers at Dhikala and Bijrani can enjoy films on wildlife that are screened to provide an educative entertainment to visitors. Dhikala also has a well-stocked library, which has a fine collection of books concerning wildlife and general topics.

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