Best Time to Visit Corbett Tiger Reserve

Corbett tiger reserve is a popular destination amongst wildlife and nature lovers. It is an ultimate place to escape from the rush of the city life. And this place is best visited during the months of October to March.However, for tiger sighting, May is considered an ideal month. For your better understanding on which season to visit Corbett, we have mentioned the three visiting seasons below.

Seasons: There are three well defined seasons

Winter: November to February

Summer: March to June

Monsoon: July to October

This season also allows visitors to get a chance to encounter most of the animals inhabiting in the park.

Monsoons in Corbett Tiger Reserve: July to September

Monsoon is not a suitable time to visit Corbett National Park. Being a wet season, the crowd gets declined, and even the park closes. However, Dhela Zone and Jhirna Zone remains open throughout the year. It is the best time to experience the site if you do not prefer crowd. Though it produces an appealing atmosphere, visiting the park during this season accompanies a high risk of landslides and soil erosion. Nevertheless, the beauty will be at its peak with fascinating greenery and marvellous vegetation all around.

Winters in Corbett Tiger Reserve: October to February

Corbett National Park during winters is quite pleasant giving a great sight of the birds and animals. And to experience this, the best time to visit is during the months of October to February. During this season, you will find this park surrounded by beautiful and unseen birds. Certainly, this is the suitable season to go for a bird watching tour. However, you may also get a chance to spot a Royal Bengal Tiger and other majestic species of the animal kingdom. Although the day remains quite balmy, night experiences quite a chill with temperatures going down to 5 degree Celsius.

Summers in Corbett Tiger Reserve: March to June

Summers start from March in these parts of Uttarakhand. The temperature may go as high as 40°C during mid-June. However, if Tiger sightseeing is what you came for then, the visitors are bound to catch a sight of the Tiger during the month of May. This month is considered a best month since most of the animals frequently visits the water holes and it won't be humid to tour around the wildlife sanctuary.

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What Is The Best Time To Visit Corbett National Park - Find Out: Spanned over beautiful areas of Pauri Garhwal, Almora and Nainital of Uttarakhand state in India, Corbett National Park is a large and appealing site and is amongst the oldest parks in India. This park is mainly recognised for Project Tiger which is a project on India's endangered Bengal tiger. So, it is not just a park, but a big and renowned tiger reserve as well which covers an area of 1318.54 in which 520 sq. km is the main area and remaining part is buffer area. The park is named after Col. Jim Corbett since 1956. So, the visit to Corbett National Park is truly memorable and unforgettable. It remains open from the mid of November to the mid of June months. However, there is a Jhirna zone in the park that remains open for whole year long. The famous Birjani zone of this park welcomes the visitors from mid of October to mid of June months and Dhikala zone allows visitors to visit inside from November 15 to mid of June. During monsoon period, the road of Dhikala and Birjani zones get completely washed away. Moreover, after the sunset, the gates of the park get closed and no drive out is allowed that time. Right Season to Plan Your Visit to Corbett National Park Winter Season - Within October to February In winter season or a period of October to February, you will find this park a true abode of beautiful and unseen birds. So, for birding, this is the most captivating period as at this time, you will meet unseen variety of birds there. Besides birds, you can sight majestic Bengal tiger roaming around the park in the winter season. So, there are high chances to have a natural sight of endangered tiger then. Mostly at night, the temperature of this park goes down to 5 degree Celsius. However, the day time is quite balmy and pleasant. In the day time, animals come out for lazing around in sun; so you can spot them easily there. Monsoon - During July to September Months Though the monsoon season is not that appealing time for visitors to come over Corbett National Park, yet we suggest you to visit during this time if you do not prefer visiting this site in crowd. In this season, mostly the crowd gets declined. So, we must say that it is an ideal season to have amazing trekking experience. At that time, the overall weather has an appealing aura as the temperature drops. It is said that in rainy season, the animals enjoy their mating time. So, tourists can get experience of this moment as well. Though we should not forget to mention that visiting this season accompanies a great risk of landslides and soil erosion. Hence, it can be a little risky also. But the beauty will be at its peak with exotic greenery and amazing vegetation around. Summer Season - During March to June Months The time from March to mid of June is called summer season in India. During the summer season, the temperature remains quite high. In day time, the weather becomes too hot and scorching that may go up to 40 degree c. So, in this time, the animals and other inhabitants of the park suffer from the extreme heat of sun. This season is called to be the best visiting season as it allows visitors to get the most of the animals inhabiting in the park. Come during this season here and enjoy river rafting and have an unforgettable meet with endangered animals and bird species closely.

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